RB Electric searched nationwide to find software to help streamline our business.  We talked to companies from Texas, California, and even Canada (I guess that makes our search international).  We watched demonstrations from 10+ different companies trying to find a business management software to help us run our business more efficiently and improve our customer experience.  We could not find the solution that we thought our customers deserved.

What we found is that we did not have to look far to find our solution.  We got a standard request for an electrical service call in December.  Our electricians, Terry and Thomas, discovered that this customer-owned company that had business management software for trades like plumbing, HVAC, and ELECTRICAL!

Dubuque, Iowa is a special place. A town with a population of 60,000 in the “flyover” state of Iowa can produce a product that is just as good, if not better than the titans in the software industry.  We interviewed many different companies, but no one has the ability to customize their product like ThermoGRID.

ThermoGRID will give us the ability to do the following:

  • Real-time scheduling.  No more waiting for your job to be scheduled.  Improved scheduling capabilities will allow us to schedule estimates, projects, and follow-ups right away.
  • Real-time text message updates.  No more wondering when the electrician will show up.  You will receive a text message or email as soon as we are on our way.
  • Onsite Estimates.  No more waiting for estimates.  We will have the ability to give our customers estimates while on-site and collect the necessary signatures to proceed with work.
  • Onsite Payment.  No more waiting for invoices or wondering how much the invoice will be.  We will have the ability to create an invoice right after work has been completed and with increased transparency of what was used for your project.  You can even pay right away using a card or check.

We are actively working on implementing ThermoGRID and will be rolling out these features shortly.  Hopefully, these new features will improve your customer experience with RB Electric.

RB Electric is an electrical contractor that has been serving the Dubuque, Iowa area since 2011.